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Review North Seek/Nova Wingset + 1 Wing

North Seek/Nova Wingset + 1 Wing

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Set with 3.5m2 = €2795
Set with 4.2m2 = €2835
Set with 5.0m2 = €2890
Set with 6.0m2 = €2940
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With this complete wingset by North you are ready to go. The set price is for 1 wing. Do you want 2 wings look at our other offer. Whether you want to practice your jibes on flat water or ride the waves at sea, this set is the right one for you. You can choose from a number of sizes for the Nova wing. The set comes with a North Seek board in combination with a North Sonar Foil.

The North Nova is designed for maximum performance with the least effort. The stiff geometry generates a lot of forward power and the Nova sails great upwind. The wing will amaze you in all conditions, both in the waves and on the flat water.

The North Seek is made to have an intuitive and direct feeling with your board and hydrofoil in all conditions. This makes the board suitable for flat water and also for in the waves. The board is slightly shorter, but designed in such a way that you can easily get out of the water after a touchdown. The board is 97 litres. It is 97 litres, which makes it easy to float and stable, but also light enough to be playful.

The North Sonar foil in combination with the 1850R frontwing is designed to handle any situation. The 1850R blade gives you quite a bit of lift, making it easy to get out of the water. The length of the fuselage makes it easy to pump up your hydrofoil. The combination of these two makes for a stable foil which also feels playful.


Would you like more information? Or do you want to combine other wings, boards or foils? You can! You can always call or e-mail us. Or come by in our shop.

We also have these sets in our Wingschool. There you can test them before you buy.


Contents of the set:

North Nova wing in the sizes 3.5 / 4.2 / 5.0 / 6.0 m2

North Seek 5'5" 97 litres

North Sonar Foil with mast length 70 or 85cm

North Sonar 1850R Frontwing