Are you responsible for organizing the last unforgettable moments of your bride or groom-to-be?

1 hour to a full day program

Groups of 8 - 250 participants

Many activities also available on location

A suitable offer for every budget


Vertigo Sports offers a wide range of both active and adventurous activities. Nothing is too crazy! After consultation, we make sure that everything is arranged and ready for you on the beach.

Do you hoist the expectant lovebird in a bunny suit, then send him or her out into the field to gather his eggs? Everything goes peacefully, until the moment you appear on the sidelines armed with bow and arrow in hand. Will the prospective bride rabbit manage to gather all his eggs?

Less violent bachelorette activities can also be realized. For example, take a fun SUP tour through the canals of Middelburg. or take a look at our wide range of other activities.


Choose one or more group activities from the offer below. If you have more personal requests we would love to hear from you!

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8 persons or more

number of instructors tailored to the group

all materials included

from 60 minutes


from €10 p.p.