The large beach of Vrouwenpolder has many different types of surfing conditions. There are plenty of challenges for both the beginning wingsurfer and the advanced surfer. Our surf school has been established on this beautiful beach for more than 20 years and has already got thousands of new surfers on the water!

Wingsurfing on the beach of Vrouwenpolder

West / North-West / North-East / East

South (Only for the advanced surfer!)

At high tide (especially with spring tide) the beach of Vrouwenpolder fills up and creates a beautiful lagoon for wingsurfing without a foil. For the beginning wingsurfer you can find the best conditions in Zeeland. 

Are you a more advanced wingsurfer and do you ride with foil under your board? Then you'll find with Northwest or Northeast wind nice conditions to ride waves. 

The best waves you will find after a few days of strong South-West wind. When the wind then turns more to the North-West, you will get nice lines together with the rising water.


For directions to the surf spot Domburg press here

Tip: The advanced wingfoiler can expect mirror flat water at Vrouwenpolder with a strong southerly wind. The perfect conditions to practice your new tricks.
Beware though!!: this is a downwind wind! Stay within swimming range of the shore at all times in case something goes wrong. 

 !  Large beach so a long way to the water

✓ Suitable for beginners & advanced

✓ Large sandy beach with plenty of space

✓ Shallow lagoon at high tide

✓ Hot showers 

✓ Changing rooms

✓ Vertigo surf shop and surf school


The Vertigo Sports surf school is located in the middle of Vrouwenpolder beach. If you would like more information about the spotting rules, you can always drop by. If you are unsure of the weather conditions or need advice, we will also be happy to give you information about the current forecast.

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Vanaf mei wordt duidelijk aangegeven waar het is toegestaan om te surfen door middel van borden bij de belangrijkste strandovergangen. In het water liggen er dan gele boeien ter hoogte van de eerste brug gezien vanaf Vrouwenpolder (ter hoogte van onze kitesurfschool). Vanaf het strand bekeken is het toegestaan om aan de rechterkant van deze gele boei te varen. Buiten het seizoen zijn de regels minder strikt en is het ook buiten de spot gedoogd te surfen.