20 years ago, Fabian Naerebout started the kitesurfing school at the wide sports beach of Vrouwenpolder on the Veerse Dam. The ideal conditions for beginners make this the spot in Zeeland to learn kitesurfing safely.

Would you like to learn kitesurfing and get your internationally recognised VDWS kitesurfing certificate? Then sign up for kitesurfing lessons at Vrouwenpolder beach below!

As the only kitesurf school in Zeeland, we offer supervision lessons for those who would like to practise with their own set under supervision. Book your supervised lesson via our booking system!

Are there more than 2 of you and do you want to learn to kitesurf together? Then please contact us.

Kite, board included

Free VDWS certificaat included

Hot showers


2,5 hours

2 students per instructor

Kite & board included

Including VDWS certificate


€100 p.p.


2 hours

1 student per instructor

Kite & board included

Including VDWS certificate


€145 p.p.


1 hour

1 student per instructor

Kite & board included

Possible with BB-Talk


€90 p.p.

Please note! Not possible for the first lesson


2,5 hours

3-5 students per instructor

Kite & board included

Including VDWS certificate


€50 - €90 p.p.

Want to be well insured after your classes?

With our partner VDWS, you can get insurance easily for kitesurfing, supping, wingsurfing and snowkiting.


How many lessons do I need to learn to kitesurf safely?

For a good foundation, we recommend scheduling 3-4 lessons. You are not obliged to buy a package in advance and always pay for the lesson afterwards.

Advantage of booking individual lessons?

We go for quality! Because you can schedule each lesson separately, you are never bound to compulsory hours. If lessons are cancelled due to circumstances, there are no costs involved. If you are ready to take the next step, we are flexible to adjust this immediately. Free online choice to book on days and times that suit your holiday! 

When are there kitesurfing lessons?

Every day with wind at any level from April to October.

Recognised quality of a VDWS kitesurf school

All our instructors are VDWS certified.

Do I get a certificate?

After finishing your lessons, you get a free internationally recognised VDWS certificate with your level.

Individual kitesurfing lessons

The smaller the groups, the more and faster you learn. To guarantee quality, our maximum group size is always 2 persons.


First kitesurf lesson

Safety systems

Powerkite control

Flying kites in a harness

Launching and landing

Second / third lesson


Bodydragging with board

Waterstarts on a board

First meters on the board

Third lesson and up

Waterstarts on a board

Practice riding upwind

Change directions on a board

The content of the lessons is dependent on weather conditions and talent of the student :)


Because of the sandbanks on the beach of Vrouwenpolder, with high tide there is an inner lake with the perfect conditions to learn how to kitesurf. In flat and shallow water students progress much faster than at sea, in the waves. Without doubt Vrouwenpolder in Zeeland is the best location to learn how to kitesurf. The sandy beach has relatively few shells and no oysters (which unfortunately is the case at the spots at the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde). So you don’t need surf shoes at the beach in Vrouwenpolder!