Kitesurf lessons by kitesurf school Vertigo take place at the official kitesurf spot in Vrouwenpolder, in Zeeland. Our kitesurf club is right there at the beach! Because of the Veerse Dam (barrage) the North Sea and the Veerse Meer (lake) are separated from each other, creating an amazing kitesurf spot for beginning kitesurfers.

✓ Kitesurf club on the spot

✓ Hot showers & dressing rooms

✓ VDWS instructors

✓ Free international kitesurf certificate

Our kitesurf methods are well thought through and according to the latest insights. With more than fifteen years of experience in giving kitesurf lessons, we learned that each beginning kitesurfer brings along a different level of experience and requires an appropriate teaching method. That is exactly why we always attune our kitesurf courses to you as a student!


2 students per instructor

Kite and board included

150 minutes




1 student per instructor

Kite and board included

120 minutes




At Vertigo we believe expertise is very important. Over 15 years now, co-owner Fabian Naerebout has occupied himself with training kitesurf instructors worldwide.  As one of the few kitesurf schools in the Netherlands we are proud to call ourselves an official VDWS training center!

How many lessons do I need to be able to kitesurf responsibly?
Are you in need of a good basic training? Then we recommend a 3-4 days lesson of 150 minutes.

Would you rather try it out first?
Then you best choose a 1 day lesson of 150 minutes. Afterwards, you can always book extra days, for the same price per day.

Kite, board included

Free VDWS certificaat included

Hot showers


Because of the sandbanks on the beach of Vrouwenpolder, with high tide there is an inner lake with the perfect conditions to learn how to kitesurf. In flat and shallow water students progress much faster than at sea, in the waves. Without doubt Vrouwenpolder in Zeeland is the best location to learn how to kitesurf. The sandy beach has relatively few shells and no oysters (which unfortunately is the case at the spots at the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde). So you don’t need surf shoes at the beach in Vrouwenpolder!


First kitesurf lesson

Safety systems

Powerkite control

Flying kites in a harness

Launching and landing

Second / third lesson


Bodydragging with board

Waterstarts on a board

First meters on the board

Third lesson and up

Waterstarts on a board

Practice riding upwind

Change directions on a board

The content of the lessons is dependent on weather conditions and talent of the student :)



★★★★★ 5/5

Experienced schooled kitesurfinstructors the place to learn kitesurfing. Good spot, with high tide there is a lagoon on the beach

Roel | via Google

★★★★★ 5/5

A really cool team with lots of experience on board. All instructors were really kind and nice. A lot of posibilities for a succesfull kitesurfing course. Thanks to Fabian

Mirko | via Google

★★★★★ 5/5

A really good kitesurfing school with spot on communication by SMS / E-mail. Even on no wind days the communication was fast. The lessons have a good structure and the materials used always brand new.

R D | via Google

Kitesurfing F.A.Q.

What is included in the kitesurf lessons?

Kitesurfboard and kite are included in the price. 

Which languages do the kitesurf instructors speak?

Besides our Dutch instructors, we also have four German instructors. The languages we teach in are Dutch, German and English.

Kitesurf lessons: what should I bring?

  • Sturdy shoes / sneakers
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Towel
  • With a rainy weather forecast, a raincoat

From which age can children learn how to kitesurf?

We also offer kitesurf lessons for children. Weight is more important than age. Children weighing more than35 kilograms are welcome for lessons. Vrouwenpolder actually has the best kitesurf conditions for children: at high tide children can stand in the lagoon with shallow water.

Which months of the year do we give kitesurf lessons?

April until October! We try to start in April. Whether it is warm enough by then totally depends on the weather! In October we check how long the temperature is comfortable. You can book anyhow. If lessons cannot take place because of the temperature or poor conditions, we will let you know.

How many people can be in a group lesson?

You and two other students will be in a group lesson. So there is a maximum of 2  persons&