The kitesurfing spot Domburg is best avoided as a beginner. Domburg has many breakwaters, strong currents and the biggest waves in Zeeland. Only very experienced kitesurfers can safely take to the water here. The nearest kitesurf spot suitable for beginners is Vrouwenpolder.


After the village of Domburg in the direction of Westkapelle, it is possible to drive by car up the dike. Here the kitesurf spot Domburg can be found. Kitesurfing at the kitesurfing spot Domburg is tolerated. You have to pay for parking and can be done on the dike overlooking the spot. The spot runs in front of the parking lot until about the beach houses on the right. Downwinders to Oostkapelle or Vrouwenpolder are not allowed between 9:00 and 19:00 during the season.

TIP The best conditions at Domburg are found with southwest wind about an hour after high tide. An hour after high tide the current reverses and you have the best conditions with southwest wind.

 ! Unsuitable for beginners

 ! Strong current

 ! Breakwaters

 ✓ Challenging waves for advanced riders


All the beaches in Domburg are totally unsuitable for giving kitesurfing lessons. Therefore, no kitesurf school can be found here. The nearest kitesurf school for a kitesurfing course for beginners can be found on the beach of Vrouwenpolder.


De volgende windrichtingen zijn geschikt zijn om op Domburg te gaan kitesurfen:

✓ South-west

✓ West

✓ North-west

✓ North

The wind directions below are offshore at Domburg:

X South

X South-east

X East

X Northeast