The kitesurfing spot Baarland is not beginner-friendly. There are a number of things to pay close attention to. Baarland does not have many waves but does have a strong tidal current. This makes the spot suitable only for advanced surfers. There is also a large fairway right next to the kite zone. You absolutely must not come in here. Watch out! The current pulls you in the direction of this channel, so be careful here. The kite zone is marked with yellow buoys which you must stay inside. The nearest kitesurf spot suitable for beginners where we also give lessons is Vrouwenpolder.


Parking is available at the spot on the Zeedijk. However, it is important to keep the driveway clear. You can kite behind the Zeedijk. Make sure you stay within the yellow buoys and do not sail further than the restaurant on the dike. Next to the spot are bird nesting areas. Here you risk a hefty fine if they are checking. Always watch out for the current at this spot. It is very strong and can cause you to end up in the channel or not be able to return to the beach.

TIP Try to time your session so that you are not affected by the current. Current in the same direction as the wind almost always results in a lousy session.

TIP Stay inside the yellow buoys. Outside these buoys is a shipping lane that you definitely do not want to enter. 

 !  Sharp objects on the beach

 !  Small beach at high tide

 !  Fairway close to kite area

 !  Lots of current right in front of the beach

✓ No big waves

✓ Suitable for advanced kiters

No lessons are given on Baarland beach. Due to the strong current, the spot is only suitable for advanced surfers. Come and have a look at Vrouwenpolder beach, where conditions are optimal for beginners and that is why we give lessons there!


The following wind directions are suitable for kitesurfing at Baarland:

✓ South-west

✓ South

✓ South-east

✓ East

Wind directions below are offshore at Baarland:

X West

X North-west

X North

X North-east