Wingsurfing in Domburg is a challenge for many. Your skills will be put to the test here with the highest waves in Zeeland, currents and pile-ups that disappear under water. But if you are an advanced wingsurfer, you can ride the most beautiful waves in Zeeland! So beware: this is only a spot for the advanced surfer. Not sure of your level? Contact us in advance and we will be happy to give you customised advice.


South-West / West / North-West / North-East

It is possible to surf in a number of directions at Domburg. Our preference is for wind from the South-West, West or North-East. With this direction you will have sideshore / side onshore wind and you will pass "somewhat" easily through the surf. With a northerly wind you will have waves and wind from the same direction which makes it very difficult to get out of the surf.

The spot runs from the car park at Westkapelle to about the first beach huts in Domburg. Downwinders to Oostkapelle or Vrouwenpolder are not allowed between 9:00 and 19:00 in the season.

Route description:

For directions to the surf spot Domburg press here

TIP the best conditions at Domburg depend very much on the tide in combination with the wind. Do you go with South-West wind. Try to be there one hour after high tide. Are you going with a North-East wind? Then try to plan your session so that you can get off the water just after high tide.

 !  Unsuitable for beginners

 !  Strong current

 !  Breakwaters

✓ Challenging waves for advanced players

✓ Free parking on the dike

All beaches in Domburg are totally unsuitable for wingsurfing lessons. There is no wingsurfing school to be found here. The nearest wingsurf school for a wingsurfing course for beginners is at the beach of Vrouwenpolder.