The kitesurfing spot Borssele Kaloot is fairly beginner-friendly. However, there are a few things to pay close attention to. Borssele Kaloot is known for its flat but choppy water. The beach can be very small and in the water the bottom is a thick layer of mud with lots of oysters. Also, an important shipping route runs in front of the spot so you should definitely stay away from that. For these reasons, we do not give lessons here. The nearest kitesurf spot suitable for beginners is Vrouwenpolder.


On the N62, take the exit Borssele / Havens 7000-9990. Follow this until you come to a roundabout. Turn left here. Then keep following this road until you see the dunes. When the road turns right before the dunes, you will see a car park on the left. You can park here for free. Behind the dunes you have the kite spot. The kitespot runs from the left from the water outlet of the nuclear power plant to the yellow buoys on the right. Caution! Avoid the fairway at all times. Many large ships sail here that cannot just stop. As a kiter, you are absolutely not welcome in this channel! 

TIP The best conditions at Borssele Kaloot are found with south wind about an hour after high tide. An hour after high tide, the current reverses and you have warm water from the nuclear power plant exhaust flowing straight into the kitesurfing area.

TIP Wear shoes! There are many oysters at these spots so protect yourself from them. Also be careful when launching and landing your kite as there are several sharp things on the beach.

 !  Sharp oysters

 !  Stones in the water

 !  Small beach at high tide

 !  Fairway close to kite area

✓ No big waves

✓ Suitable for beginners

Lessons are given by other schools on Borssele Kaloot beach, but the small beach and thick mud with oysters make it a guarantee for injuries and broken equipment. Therefore, we do not teach there. Come and have a look at the beach of Vrouwenpolder.


The following wind directions are suitable for kitesurfing at Borssele Kaloot:

✓ North-west

✓ West

✓ South-west

✓ South

The wind directions below are offshore at Borssele Kaloot:

X South-east

X East

X North-east

X North