Suppen is one of the fastest growing water sports at the moment. The sport is accessible to everyone, with a fun and challenging character.

Canals, lakes, waves or flat water

Fun as an individual or with a large group!

Accessible to everyone

Fast-growing trend all over the world


Supping in Zeeland!

We offer SUP for both groups and individuals. It is also possible to rent a SUP board on the beach of Vrouwenpolder, Zeeland or on the adjacent Veerse Meer!
Zeeland is known for its many waters. So you'll find a suitable challenge for every level. Are you a beginner and would you like to sail your first stretches? Then Suping on the Veerse Meer is ideal for you! 
If you are more advanced, there are countless new challenges and training sessions for you to consider. Will you take the sup with you to Domburg and ride the waves? Or will you participate in one of our weekly suptours or advanced trainings? Check out our offer on the website or contact us for more information!