Zeeland is one of the few provinces with every wind direction to offer a kitesurfing spot. The islands are surrounded by the North Sea, the Oosterschelde and the Westerschelde. Both flat water spots and kite spots with waves can be found in Zeeland. Not every spot is equally suitable for beginning kitesurfers. Would you like to learn to kitesurf as a beginner? You are welcome at our kitesurfschool and surfshop in the middle of the beach of Vrouwenpolder.

Where is the best place to stay if you want to kitesurf in Zeeland? Of course, this also depends on the wind direction. Vrouwenpolder and Neeltje Jans together offer on most days the wind direction southwest to east with onshore or sideshore conditions.

What wind direction is usually in Zeeland for kitesurfing?

During April through August, in the peak season, the wind for the past 5 years has been mainly from the northwest. During September through March, the dominant wind direction is actually more southwest and southwest storms occur regularly. Do you want to learn to kitesurf in the summer? Then it is wise to go to a place where the wind from a northerly direction is onshore such as Vrouwenpolder.

Image: dominant wind direction in Zeeland from 2015 to 2020. Source: windfinder.

Windrichting Zeeland kitesurfen

What months is the best wind in Zeeland for kitesurfing?

Zeeland summer has at least 3 beaufort about 80% of the time. At least wind force 4 occurs on 50% of the days during the season. Therefore, Zeeland certainly has something to offer novice kitesurfers during the summer months. Winter in Zeeland statistically has the most days with strong winds and storms.

Figure: percentage of average wind speed per month in Zeeland. Source: windguru

Wind Zeeland kitesurfen

Kitesurfing locations by wind direction in Zeeland

Wind from the south
The spots at the bottom of the middle island such as Baarland and Borssele are landward in south wind Zeeland.
Wind from the west
The spots Vrouwenpolder, Domburg, Neeltje Jans, Brouwersdam, Cadzand and Neeltje Jans are kiteable with wind from the west.
Wind from the east
Vrouwenpolder is side shore with easterly winds. There are not many kitesurfing locations in the Netherlands that are side shore with east wind. Vrouwenpolder is therefore often well visited with wind from the east.
Wind from the north
With North wind, Zeeland's kitesurfing spots Vrouwenpolder, Brouwersdam, Cadzand and Domburg are on land.

What thickness wetsuit do you put on when kitesurfing in Zeeland?

In November through March, a thick wetsuit such as a 5/4 mm is recommended if you want to get into the water in Zeeland. In winter, gloves, boots and a cap are a must. From April/May you can slowly remove the gloves and cap and a good 5/3 mm wetsuit will provide enough warmth. In the summer months of June, July and August, a 3/2 mm fullsuit or a shorty on a beach day is normally sufficient. The sea water temperature during the summer in Zeeland is around 18-20 degrees.

The water temperature in the North Sea is shown in the table below. Source: boardshortz