Vrouwenpolder beach is the largest kitesurfing spot in the province of Zeeland. At high tide, the sandbanks create an inland lake that is perfect for beginner kitesurfing lessons but also for freestylers because of the flat and shallow water. Kitesurfers who prefer to sail in the waves can go to sea. The entire beach is a beautiful sandy beach with relatively few shells. So, shoes are not necessary.

TIP Do you want to go kiting at Vrouwenpolder? The best conditions can be found there during high tide (spring tide = party) with northwest, north or northeast wind force 5+.

✓ Suitable for beginners

✓ Large sandy beach with plenty of space

✓ Shallow lagoon at high tide

✓ Vertigo kitesurf shop and kitesurf school

In the middle of Vrouwenpolder beach is Vertigo Sports' kitesurf school. If you want more information about the spot rules you can always walk in. Also, if you have doubts about the weather conditions or need advice we are happy to give you information about the current forecast.

Go to Kitesurfschool


Starting in May, signs will clearly indicate where kitesurfing is allowed at the main beach crossings. In the water there will then be a yellow buoy at the level of the first bridge seen from Vrouwenpolder (near our kitesurfing school). Viewed from the beach, it is allowed to sail on the right side of this yellow buoy. Outside the season the rules are less strict and it is also permitted to leave the kite on outside the spot.

We are often asked if Kitesurfing is allowed on Lake Veere. Unfortunately, kitesurfing and kitesurfing lessons are prohibited on the Veerse meer. Therefore, there is no kitesurfing school to be found on the Veerse meer. On the other side of the Veerse Dam is the Kitesurf beach of Vrouwenpolder where kitesurfing is allowed. Windsurfing is allowed on the Veerse Meer


Vrouwenpolder is a north beach. This means that the following wind directions are suitable for kitesurfing at Vrouwenpolder:

✓ West

✓ North-west

✓ North

✓ Northeast

✓ East

The wind directions below are offshore at Vrouwenpolder:

X Southeast

X South

X South-west (at this direction, Neeltje Jans is beautiful)