Wingsurfing is currently permitted on both the entire lake. Lake Veere is an inland waterway. This means that you won't have to deal with strong surf or high waves on Lake Veere, but can enjoy flat water with super training conditions. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get into the water everywhere. Below you will find the best surf spots of the Veerse Meer with both deep water and shallow water. 

TIP: Wear shoes when surfing on the Veerse Meer! One step on an oyster bank can ruin your whole holiday.

1. Breezand / Veerse dam

Possible with every wind direction.

Just across the dike at Vertigo Sports you'll find 3 possible starting spots for your session.

At the jetty in front of Breezand you can easily get into the water via a small stretch of beach. Keep in mind that there can be oyster banks in the water. Our tip therefore is to wear shoes at all times when wading on the Veerse Meer!

Trailer ramp Veerse dam. At the parking Veerse meer and Noordzee beach is a trailer ramp. Here you can park your gear close to the water and walk straight into the water. Before you enter the water with your gear, clean the plates a little. 

The beach at surfschool de Veerse dam is an easy area to get in and out of. After parking your car, cross the road and go directly to the beach. 

Route description:

For directions to the embarkation point Breezand press here

For directions to the embarkation point Trailerhelling Veerse dam press here

For directions to the embarkation point Veerse dam press here

2. Schotsman

North-West / West / South-West / South-East 

On the east side of Lake Veere you will find surf spot the Schotsman. The surf spot is easily accessible by car and there is plenty of parking space. You can park on the car park of the Schotsman or on the grass side next to the surf spot. 

The water at the Schotsman is directly deep. With oncoming wind (wind from the south) this can cause a somewhat higher chop. For the advanced rider this is a nice challenge for his or her first jumps. 

North of the surf spot is a wakeboard track. Make sure you stay away from this area during surfing. Choose your surf spot carefully according to the indicated wind direction for that day. 

Route description:

For directions to the surf spot Schotsman klik hier

3. Oranje plaat / Arnemuiden

North / North-West / West / East 

In the southern bend of the Veerse Meer you will find the surf spot Oranje plaat. A nice spot for both the beginner and the advanced wingsurfer. However, you will experience more waves here with onshore wind (North / North-West). If you go here with North-East or East wind, you will find a nicer long wave.

Parking is possible on the car park of the Fletcher hotel. 

Route description:

For directions to the surf spot Oranje plaat  klik hier

4. Wolphaartsdijk

West / South-West / South / South-East

For everyone who wants to make his first metres, Wolphaartsdijk is a great option with south wind. With shallow water you can easily come back to the shore and you will have little trouble with waves. If you plan to sail directly with a foil under your board, it is important that you start sailing in deep water. In the months of May and June, weed growth can be a problem. Therefore we advise you to move to another location in these months. 

Route description:

For directions to the surf spot Wolphaartsdijk  klik hier

 !  Sharp oysters 

 !  Paid parking around some parking spaces

✓ Surfing with every wind direction

✓ Free parking at some car parks

✓ Challenging for both beginners and advanced

Vertigo Sports is one of the first surf schools in Zeeland to offer wingsurfing lessons. If you are looking for a wingsurfing school with the latest equipment and enthusiastic instructors, have a look at our wingsurfing school page.